Team Sales / Online Stores

At Body N' Sole, we do our best to give our COMMUNITY, COACHES, ATHLETES, the BEST SERVICE, PRICE, and product KNOWLEDGE.

Upon Request, we will come to you:

1. Show the different styles and colors of team shoes.
2. To size up the athletes to ensure proper fit.
3. Personally deliver the shoes to make certain that no problems exist.

This allows coaches to take care of coaching and not worry about their athletes' shoes. As the season progresses, we will make an effort to contact the coaches by phone to ensure total satisfaction with our product and service.

Though we are a running store, we can do team sales for any sport. Our team sales are not limited to shoes. We can also fit coaches and athletes for uniforms, warm-ups, and a variety of athletic equipment.



One stop shop for all your product needs: Screen printing, embroidery, fundraising, personalizations, easy set up, customized, and fit for any organization!



If you are interested in seeing this season's line of shoes, apparel, or equipment, please contact Mike Lindemann or Jon Jamison PH 217-356-8926 - FAX 217-954-0273 or by email at

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