Help with Shoe Types

Every running shoe is designed for a specific type of runner. A running shoe is designed to cradle the foot – not just protect it from the pounding, but also to optimize a runner's gait in such a way that a person can run longer and faster without worrying about injury.

The three broad categories that define running shoes (Neutral Cushioning, Moderate Motion Control, and Maximum Motion Control) enhance gait by working with the natural movement of your foot, providing a more efficient stride.

High Arch Average Arch Low Arch

Not sure about your foot type?

You can determine your foot type with this easy test:
  1. Wet the bottom of your foot
  2. Step onto a brown paper bag (cement also works)
  3. Wait a few seconds to get a clear imprint
  4. Match your imprint to one of the foot types above
Neutral Cushioning Moderate Motion Control Maximum Motion Control
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